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At Reading Without Limits, we have the ultimate solution to solving reading problems. The information we provide, will help you get real answers to why your child has reading difficulty.

We are dedicated to helping children of all ages become better readers using new and medically based diagnostic testing and treatment. With us, your child will be evaluated by a qualified doctor for those factors that are limiting their reading ability.

We have found that many students struggle with reading due poor visual processing skills. If we isolate and correct those factors which impact visual processing , reading can be improved quickly and easily. A four phase evaluation will uncover the specific ones affecting your child.

Our methods will quickly improve everything from word pronunciation to fluency, including reading speed, tracking, comprehension, and even spelling. We do not use traditional reading tutorial strategies, which emphasize phonics, sight reading, and other auditory based techniques. Best of all, your child can learn to read or improve their reading skills without having to remember any complicated rules.

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Doctor Finds Better Way to Improve Reading Skills

Now, through the work of Dr. David Bloch and his company Reading Without Limits, Inc., reading disabilities (and some forms of dyslexia) can be medically diagnosed and treated. For years educators have used phonics to teach students to read. While this method tends to work for many, it doesn’t work for many others. Research has shown that students that haven’t shown substantial improvement in their reading ability after 3 to 6 months of traditional reading tutorial are likely to have an undiagnosed vision or vision processing problem. Although reading well requires proficiency in both auditory and visual processing skills, reading requires more visual processing than it does auditory—just try reading with your eyes closed.

The Reading Without Limits program uses a four phase evaluation to diagnose the specific auditory and visual factors limiting a reader’s ability to read. Then once the inhibiting factors have been isolated, a series of drills that emphasize visual pattern recognition, enhance eye tracking, and improve eye coordination are implemented allowing students to become better readers quickly and easily. The Reading Without Limits program improves everything from word recognition to fluency, including reading speed, tracking, comprehension, and even spelling. It is so effective that most students show significant improvement on their first treatment session and are proficient in less than 3 months. Based on the results produced by this program Reading Without Limits, Inc. has found The Ultimate Solution to Reading Problems.

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  • Better school work for my son

    School work and homework time has shortened. My son is more confident when reading out loud in group settings.

    Carolyn N,
  • Great with Kids

    My son has always struggled with reading. In October 2012, my son was in the 2nd grade but reading at the 1st  grade level. My husband and I decided that we wanted our son to participate in the vision therapy program with Dr. Bloch. He started the program on January 31, 2013. By April, his reading had improved and he Continue Reading

    Alicia Y,
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